Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Checked Twice. It's Still Winter.

At the beginning of the season--way back in December--I was determined to not only survive winter, but enjoy it. How's it going? So far so good! Honestly, I wish I could say that was all due to me staying positive, but that would be a horrible lie that might make those suffering through this winter feel bad. The truth is--for this area at least--last winter was much worse. So while my friends in Boston brace to break their worst-winter-ever record, we outside Philly thank God we're not them.

It is cold though. Arctic cold. So whenever I go out for a run I bundle up. Some days, laundry days, I have to scrounge for things to wear outside to keep me warm. That happened yesterday. I almost didn't have the courage to step outside. I looked not just weird, but Punky-Brewster weird. (Have you seen Punky lately? Whoa. She grew up.) So, of course, I took a picture and went out. It turns out that the honey badger isn't the only animal that doesn't give a shit.

I'm not fast. I'm not stylish. But I'm still going. And so is winter. I checked. Twice.

In case you're wondering what it has looked like out there, here are some photos from my runs this winter.

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