Friday, January 30, 2015

Doggone Dog Gone

I once read that dogs need a purpose and breeding dogs that were cute but directionless was cruel. Well, that's a bit judgy for my tastes.

And as you can see by the photo on the left, I like me a cute, directionless dog. She even has a cute, directionless dog name--Fancy Pants. Fancy for short. Fancy is the nicest dog in the world. Dumb as a stone. But so nice.

There are a few issues that come with having a small, defenseless and not so smart Yorkie. They can't protect themselves. Surrender is their only option.

When you're in a neighborhood that's really not such a big problem. Your Yorkie surrenders to any animal it sees as a threat, like a puppy. You're embarrassed, but it's okay. Foxes are pretty rare. Birds of prey are pretty rare. Not so much where we're moving.

I recently spotted two eagles outside the soon-to-be home on Lake Nockamixon. Which brings up our current family dilemma. My husband is afraid that when we move this is going to happen to Fancy Pants....

Hahaha. I love that scene. Kevin the dog. Adorable. Anyway, my husband's solution to the flying dog problem, and he's totally serious, is to buy a bigger dog to protect our little dog. He doesn't want a big dog to protect me or our family, he wants the dog to protect our dumb, cute Yorkie. It seems wrong to me. And more work. And more dog hair in the house we've been planning for nearly three years. Plus I'm not even sure what breed of dog you would get to protect another breed of dog. What do you think? No. Not about what breed of dog. The other thing. Is it wrong to get a big dog to protect my little dog? Is it like having a kid for the bone marrow you need to save your other kid? Or is it the best reason to get a dog--giving the dog an actual job?


  1. Regardless of why you get the dog, you'd give any dog a good home. Dogs love the company of other dogs, (generally) so this isn't really a hardship on the animals.

    As far as protection goes, I think that if the eagle wants to eat your pup, another dog won't really stop it. Maybe reduce the chances but not that much.

    As far as hair goes, get a labradoodle.


  2. Thanks, Lori! Good points! We were thinking the presence of a big dog would diminish the likelihood of the eagle attacking.