Friday, August 15, 2014

Google Brain Finds Alien on Moon

Apparently Google Moon has captured a lot of people's attention with the below picture that seems to show a figure on the Moon. According to I Fucking Love Science, "The image is a clear case of pareidolia, our tendency to see faces or other recognizable shapes in random formations." Yawn. I prefer the less cerebral, "They're here." Or they're close enough that you should start putting together a PoA for the upcoming alien invasion. You know buy some extra fish fingers and custard. Aliens love that stuff. 

So a logical explanation on this image is most definitely out there, and it's probably going to be as boring as NASA's theory that that's an eyelash or a scratch on the original image. Zzzzz. The cool thing to take away from this is there is such a thing as Google Moon and apparently Google Mars too. 

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