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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second Breakfast? Hell, Yeah!

This is what second breakfast looks like.

There are a lot of blog posts out there about eating less, eating the right things, eating raw or gluten free. And, yeah, I'm all for that, but every once in a while we have to give into our inner glutton. And not just on Thanksgiving. Although, that's a convenient excuse. The thing is, I'm pretty regimented about what I eat. I'm not a big snacker. I don't eat sugar or gluten or chocolate or dairy. Okay, I'm a boring eater. Blame it on my sensitive stomach. Still, there are those mornings--after I've had breakfast--when I find myself craving a second breakfast. It happened this morning. Of course, the little voice in my head said, "What? You can't eat again. It's not lunch time."

I considered that. Then I looked in the fridge. That's the problem with working from home, kids, you have easy access to last night's leftovers. So, yeah, I made myself a wrap. With chips. And chicken. And avocados. So yummy.

So I ate two breakfasts. Sue me. I don't even feel bad about it. Hell, no! I feel good enough to write an entire blog post about my full tummy. Here's where you picture me wiggling contentedly in my chair. I'm as unrepentant as a fat little hobbit. Next up, elevenses.


  1. Hey...where did my comment go?? Let's try this again--and sorry if you get this twice:

    In honor of your gluttonous tummy and second breakfast, I'm going to have a handful of those coconut cashews I've been craving for the last hour.

    1. Awesome! Enjoy and don't forget to wiggle in your seat with happiness!