Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peppermint Butler

Have you ever had a cat show up at your door unannounced and demand to be let inside? 

Trust me, it's weird.

Last night about two am my husband and I jumped out of bed and raced toward the barking dog and the screeching cat. The cat was outside. The dog was inside. Our dog has a history of trying to keep our cat, Jake--who is a girl, safe. She once saved Jake from a fox on our back deck. Anyway, we assumed the dog was barking because of our cat--who we assumed was screeching. We opened the front door and saw A cat. I stopped. I looked at my husband. "That's not our cat." It wasn't. This little white cat had orange spots and orange eyes, and she had those eyes pressed up against our storm door. Really? She was maybe four or five months old and emaciated. Our cat is not. Our cat was a feral kitten that the kids took two weeks to convince into a net and another two weeks to convince from behind plants, couches, and furniture. She was timid--thus the reason no one knew she was a girl until after she was named Jake. This kitten was instantly rubbing up against our legs and wanting to come inside.

My dog really wanted this cat to come inside. She was all about the new cat. My dog is used to being outgunned by our cat (pictured left). Jake, on the other hand, was making hissing sounds and crouching really low to the ground at the sight of this little cat. And the little cat? Well, she may be a bit dense, because she headed straight for our cat. Uhmm…intervention.

This is when the separation of animals occurred. The little white and orange cat is now eating everything in sight and cozying up to anyone that comes near her. My kids have named her Peppermint Butler (All credit for cat names goes to Adventure Time). They call her Pepper for short. I call her Pep. My husband calls her, "Cat-That-Needs-A-New-Home."

If you know anyone outside of Philly that would like a super friendly cat, kitten really, please let me know in the comments and we'll work something out. I have never seen such a friendly cat and can only assume she was at one time someone's pet, but she has no collar. Still, she is ready to love the heck out of anyone who comes by--man, woman, child, small dog or hissing cat.


  1. You know what I think, my darling? I think you have a new cat.

    Go on...try to deny it.

    1. Hahahaha! Everyone keeps saying that! My husband is still plotting ways to get rid of the first cat. I'm afraid he might start marking his territory if we even bring up the idea of keeping this one!