Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Underwords Interviews Dr. Robert Satcher!

My Friend and fellow blogger, Erin Underwood, interviewed Dr. Robert Satcher--NASA Astronaut on Underwords! I love all things space, so this was really cool to see. You have to read the whole marvelous interview, but one of my favorite parts was when Erin asked Dr, Satcher how children can make their dreams a reality: 

"Dr. Satcher: Pick something that you’re really interested in, and you really have to spend the time and effort going after it. I think there are a lot of distractions nowadays, and I see that with a lot of the students that I deal with. They’re sort of focused on an end goal and neglecting the importance of the process. They’re looking for the big payoff, the big discovery, the fame and the fortune, and everything that goes with it and not staying focused enough on the process."

I think this applies to all of us, throughout our lives. The journey is half the fun, kids, so enjoy the walk--a message from one of the lucky few who got to take that walk in space! 

Read the rest of the interview at Underwords!

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