Wednesday, June 6, 2012

File This Under: Stuff I Never Want to Read

I love getting magazines delivered to my inbox. Free magazines are cool. Most of the time I greedily search through the headlines, eager to read something interesting. Once in a while, I find an article title that turns me so completely off that I file it under--Things I never Want to Read. Like this one:

Really? I’m all for introspection, but when did self-improvement become a crusade to have people beat themselves up at every turn? Is being overweight something so disturbing and core deep that people have to blame the essence of who they are? Now, you have a bad personality if you are heavy? Why do we have to make things so overwhelming? Sometimes people eat too much. No hidden demons here--just too much food. Sometimes, it’s age and a change in metabolism that isn’t met with the necessary adaptation. Sometimes, it is limited knowledge (food companies don't make it easy) about the right kinds of foods. Sometimes, it's confusion from the million new articles on what to eat and not to eat--ORGANIC, RAW, PROTEIN, WHOLE WHEAT, GLUTEN-FREE! And sometimes, it’s that trying to find healthy food during a normal busy day is as easy as trying to navigate the Water Temple in Zelda 64 and as cheap as flying first class on a spur of the moment trip to Singapore. I think we can do without the personality finger pointing on this one. Really, people, stop beating yourself up. It's okay to love yourself even if you weigh more than you should. You don't have to attack everything, even down to who you are. For your health, eat less, exercise more, and above all please, please be kind to yourself. 

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