Sunday, January 29, 2012

You're the Man, McMahan!

Alison McMahan
One of the best parts about going through Stonecoast, the University of Southern Maine’s MFA program, was meeting amazing people. Meeting writers is kind of like opening a present. You never know what the package contains. My friend, Alison McMahan, has kept me guessing for the last four years. That says a lot considering I've learned to accept the idea a person can have a Ph.D. in film studies, be an accomplished documentary filmmaker, run her own production company, write historical novels, steampunk, and love horror films, including all the freaky gore that goes along with it! Yeah, she sends me emails with “cool” new things that give me nightmares for a week. I often wonder what she would find disturbing. Alison’s diabolical humor, insights on writing and life, and the quirky twists in her award winning screenplays and novels are all surprises I enjoy.   

In fact, when I read Alison's screenplay, Girl in Trunk, I couldn’t turn the pages--not literally I was reading on my computer, fast enough. The tension kept me curious, engaged, and totally freaked out! That script is going to make an amazing, anxiety crammed, slightly nauseating movie.

Despite all of Alison’s unique qualities—including great real-life adventures that never cease to make me raise an eyebrow, there are some things about her that come as no surprise. Alison recently signed with Little Studio Films. No surprise. Alison McMahon has written three amazing scripts Imprinted, Destroying Angel, and the gut-churning Girl in Trunk (the last two co-written with John Leary). All have won recognition in major screenwriting contests, so the fact that Little Studio Films would sign her on and wholeheartedly represent her, doesn’t surprise me at all. I just can’t help but wonder if Alexia Melocchi has braced herself for whatever devious plot Alison has hatching in the wings. Knowing Alison, it’s going to be startling as hell. 

Documentary by Homunculus Productions

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